Needham Memorial Day Tournament

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Welcome to the Medfield Site of the Needham Memorial Day Soccer Tournament!

This page will have all the info related to games being played in Medfield. Medfield has two locations: the Wheelock School(grass fields) and Medfield High School(artificial turf).

From(E, W, N, S) to both locations in Medfield can be found on the General Information page.

Directions from DeFazio to Medfield:
Either route will take 20-25 minutes.
You can turn left out of Defazio onto 135 and follow to 95 (go south!), route 109 is next exit! See General Info page for directions from route 95.
If you want to take the back roads(avoids potential traffic, doesn't really save much time) go as follows:
Left out of Defazio to first light at South Street. Turn right.
Take South street to Chestnut street (2nd flashing yellow light). Turn left.
you will shortly enter Dover, continue on this road(Dedham Street) To stop sign. Turn left.
you are entering Dover Center on Centre street. Go straight across at light.
follow Centre street to Medfield. entering Medfield the road name is now North street.
follow North street to a stop sign bear left there to stay on North street! Continue to light at route 109 in center of town. Turn left.

go short distance to next light and turn right onto South Street(Lord's department store on corner).
Go General Info page directions for details on South street.

Phone Hotline for Medfield! Weather and other last minute announcements
We will try and post info to web site during the event as quickly as we can. If there are any weather issues with the Medfield fields you can call 508-359-0014  ext. 4, This line will not be answered but will have a recorded message about field status and any other important messages. It will be updated as needed. The Hotline is the official word on field status FOR THE MEDFIELD SITE ONLY!!!

Please download the word doc (link to right) which reviews the game procedures related to time management and other info.

Referee game rules(time limits)

Game Policies and Procedures for Referees

Game Length
Fri.-Sat-Sun games: two 30 minute halves- with one 5 minute half time All time runs !!
No stop time for subs, injuries or balls out of play the play clock will run continuously.

Get two coaches to sign the scorecard agreeing to score. Double check! Errors can happen. Note color of team next to score as a check. Get the right score!

If at least one half of play(30 total minutes of play, not necessarily one particular half) is completed, the game will be considered official.

Home team and Colors
Teams named first in the schedule will be considered the home team. In the event of color conflict, the home team must change color.

Subject to permission and signal by the referee.
--offensive throw-ins; the defensive team may not substitute then.
--both teams may substitute freely prior to
     goal kicks, start of 2nd half, after scoring a goal.
--Cautioning yellow card - only the player(s) carded can be subbed for,
         NOT MANDATORY--: opposing team(not carded) may sub a like number.
--In the event of injury, both teams may substitute freely.

The lightning policy
At the first visible sign of lightning (regardless of the estimated
distance from the field) all play will be stopped and players and spectators will
be asked to move to a safe location. For all games that were in progress
the game clock will continue to run.

Play will not resume until 30 minutes after the last visible lightning
is seen (regardless of the estimated distance from the field). When play is

If the game was in the second half when a lightning stoppage occurs. the game is over and the result at the time of the stoppage stands.

If 30 minutes have not been played there is no result and the committee will attempt to reschedule.

If play is stopped at 2:50 pm and restarted at 5:20 pm the teams scheduled to play at 5:20pm will play, NOT the teams scheduled to play at 2:50 pm.

Play is stopped or resumed due to lightning is at the sole discretion of the referees and the tournament committee and strict adherence to the above policy will be enforced by the referees and tournament officials.
Field Marshalls can, and will, inform referees of lightning. Personal safety is the number one concern of the tournament and it will supersede any game situation.

All teams are expected to be at the appropriate field at the time when
they are scheduled to play. In the event of a team not appearing at the
scheduled time, a 1-0 win may be awarded to the opponent after consultation with,
and at the discretion of, the Referees' Committee. All decisions of the Referees Committee are final.

Player Safety
It is expected that coaches will keep players who have sustained injuries off the field. Referees and coaches must not allow anything dangerous to be worn that could be harmful to a player or an opponent on the field. The
referee's judgment shall determine what is safe and what is dangerous.Some examples of items that are considered unsafe (but not limited to those stated) are braces, splints, prior injuries, jewelry, hats, barrettes,
and faulty cleats.

Under no circumstances will a player be allowed to play with a cast of any type. There are no exceptions to this rule. The common hard-billed baseball cap is not considered to be safe. The referee must err
on the side of safety and his/her judgment will be considered final.

There is no such thing as precedent. Prior play, other referees, other days, other games in this tournament do not set precedent. Each game and situation is judged on its own at the time the referee makes a decision. Safety is first.

Player Deportment
Shirt must be tucked inside shorts. Shin guards must be firmly in place and covered by socks. Non-standard attire, accouterments, and apparel must be cleared prior to the Tournament with written U.S.S.F. approval: otherwise, Law 4 of the FIFA rules applies.

The Referees' Committee will continue to be the sole arbiter as to what is legal and what is not legal. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players, as well as their fans. The Tournament Committee asks for your support in helping to provide the players with safe and enjoyable games during the Tournament.

Field Marshals
Field Marshals will be present at all fields. All participants should be aware that the Marshals have the authority and right to remove any unruly or uncivil spectators from the game field perimeter and/or the field complex area. Field Marshalls CAN identify lightning and inform the Referee.

No protests will be considered.