Team Selection

Medfield Youth Soccer (MYS) offers 2 levels of play for the U11 through U14 age groups. Roughly 40 - 50% of the players from each age group are placed on Select or higher competitive teams based on a try-out process and coaches recommendations, while the remaining players are assigned to balanced teams. Placement on the higher competitive teams is determined by Tryout performance and coach input. Coaches will base their recommendations on the skill level, knowledge of the game, attitude, and commitment that a player has demonstrated in prior seasons.

Success at the select level requires a significant commitment from both the players and coaches. Team continuity and chemistry are keys to an enjoyable season. While it's understood that multi-sport athletes may run into occasional conflicts with practices or games, it is expected that these situations will be limited and exceptional. Likewise, it is also expected that select players play both the spring and fall seasons. Limited participation in either season may impact a player's placement for the following year.