All players in U9 through U14 will wear the town uniform which needs to be purchased by the family. (Uniforms for the grades one and two Intown Program will be provided by Medfield Youth Soccer). New players please contact our uniform supplier, Tri-Valley Sports, (see below) well in advance of the start of a season (Fall or Spring) to make sure you have a uniform in time. The same uniform can be used from year to year.

Starting Fall 2009, the U9 players received a uniform from a different supplier (Puma).  The previous model was Diadora. The club tried to match the blue color as closely as possible. The uniform is $50. Socks are an additonal $5. Uniform numbers will be assigned randomly (see note on numbers).


Uniform Supplier:
Tri-Valley Sports
Route 109
Medway Plaza
Medway, MA

Phone: 508-533-5080
Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm,
Sat 9:30am-4pm
Sun closed.

Uniform Numbers:

Requests for a particular number cannot be accomodated. The numbers are assigned by age group so that as teams reform from year to year there will be NO DUPLICATE NUMBERS on a given team.

This is a club decision. Our uniform supplier has no discretion here.The numbers will be randomly assigned by the club when a child registers for the first time. This will be the player's 'number' through the years.

If your child prefers a certain number, they could optionally purchase a second jersey. They could then wear that number ONLY IF no one else on that particular team (for that season) has that number.