Expectations of Players & Parents


A. Accept seriously the responsibility and privilege of representing Medfield Youth Soccer: display positive public action at all times. 
B. Demonstrate respect for opponents, coaches and referees before, during and after games. 
C. Live up to high standards of sportsmanship.
D. Treat opponents with respect: shake hands after games and take a knee quickly when they are injured.  Clap when they leave the field.
E. Respect judgment of referees, abide by rules of the games and display no behavior that could incite fans (ex. questioning calls, gestures, taunting, "show-boating" etc).
F. Cooperate with referees, coaches and fellow participants to conduct a fair game. 
G. Accept favorable and unfavorable decisions, as well as victory and defeat, with equal grace.
H. Come prepared each week to practice (ball, water, shin guards and cleats) and understand that there will be ramifications for disruptive behavior- whether in practice or a game (ex. reduced playing time, sitting out practice, etc).

A. Support the team and coaches
B. Respect decisions made by referees- do not speak to them.
C. Respect opposing fans, coaches and participants. 
D. Fill out coach's evaluation at end of season- this provides feedback to Medfield Youth Soccer on how the coaches are doing.
Communications Parents Should Expect from the Coach:
Philosophy and goals of the program
Coach expectations for individual players and the team
Location and times of practices and games
Team rules and guidelines
Procedures to be followed if a player is injured during participation (Note:  Any child exhibiting signs of a concussion- nausea, dizziness, etc- will not be put back into the game and will require a note from his doctor clearing him for participation in future practices and games.  No exceptions!)
An evaluation of your child's soccer development- both strengths and weaknesses

Communications Coaches Should Expect from Players and Parents:
Concerns expressed directly to the Head Coach and Assistant Coach
Notification of any schedule conflicts in advance
Notification of illness or injury as soon as possible
Appropriate Concerns for Discussion with the Coaches:
The treatment of your child
Methods to help your child improve his/her skills
Concerns about a players behavior
Issues Not Appropriate for Discussion with the Coaches:
While the coaches are committed to open communication with parents, there is a certain process that should be observed. In particular, the time before and during a game is dedicated to the players. It is not appropriate for a parent to approach a coach to discuss game or individual player concerns at this time. The coach will be happy to set up a meeting/phone call to address parent concerns at a time that will not interfere with the attention required by the players.  An exception to this request is an incident when a player is injured. The coaches will be available immediately after a game to discuss the situation and any concerns with parents.