Field Rules

To All coaches, players and parents:

Please remember the following rules when using the Wheelock Soccer Fields:

  • All goals/nets are to be returned to their original spots after practices and games. Please do not move the large 11 v 11 goals.  The bolts on the goals become loose and/or the corners crack from constant movement.
  • Please remember to remove your trash when leaving the fields. Coaches please ensure that visiting coaches do the same, including bottles, candy wrapper, orange peels and any other debris.
  • Please do not use the paved area near the green gate when dropping off or picking your children up from the Wheelock fields.   Parking in this area is only for the field coordinator and handicapped vehicles.  This area is heavily traveled by children and with vehicles trying to maneuver in and out poses a safety issue.
  • We request that all players, coaches and parents access the fields by using the path in front of the shed.
  • The display case has the current field map, soccer announcements and other pertinent information.
  • Please make sure that children do not climb the goal nets - this is a dangerous situation. The toppling of a goal will cause serious injury.  Also, the climbing damages the nets.  Please enforce this guideline.
  • Dogs should be leashed at all times. Owners are expected to clean up after their dogs. There are dog waste bags provided in a dispenser mounted at the corner of the fence. Please dispose of the waste properly.
  • Medfield Soccer provides Wheelock Field porta-potties for children/players, parents and coaches convenience and use.  Parents and coaches should exercise the same judgment regarding children's use of the porta-potties that they would regarding use of restrooms at any public facility.  Medfield Soccer recommends that the parents and coaches make age appropriate decisions regarding the children's use of the porta-potties, i.e. parent escort, buddy/pairs or individually.