One of the responsibilities of the Medfield Youth Soccer Board of Directors is to provide our children with the best coaching possible. Precisely what qualifies a coach as “an excellent coach” depends, to a large degree, upon the age of the players. Another factor is whether the children are participating in a recreational or competitive environment. A great coach at the high school level may not be able to relate to 6 year olds. A coach who played at high levels is not necessarily a good teacher. In fact, the coach of an undefeated team may be doing damage to his player’s abilities and psychological fitness. We strive to find and retain coaches who understand their players, the environment and who are qualified to teach the beautiful game of soccer.

All responses will be kept confidential unless instructed otherwise.

This is a Coach Evaluation Form. Please help us to assess the abilities of those who coached your children. The feedback we receive will help us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our coaches, as well as of the program as a whole. Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback.

Please complete one for EACH coach.

Did the coach communicate well with players/parents regarding goals and expectations?
Was the coach’s approach to the players appropriate for the age and skill of the team?
Did the coach display knowledge of the game of soccer?
Was the coach responsive to questions or concerns brought to their attention?
Did the coach foster a positive attitude in the players toward the game of soccer and the team?

Did the coach set a positive example regarding...

Laws of the Game
Did the coach treat the players equally, with regard to...
Playing Time*
*Each player should play at least 50% of available playing time over the course of the season.
Rotating Player Positions
Did the coach...
Project a positive image
Use proper language
Maintain control and discipline
Display an understanding of the player being coached
Would you endorse selection of this coach for future coaching positions in Medfield Youth Soccer Program?
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