Players and Parents in Medfield Youth Soccer;

We are happy to announce the availability of new MYS soccer items in our online store. We have created a partnership with We Got Soccer in Foxboro for these items.  Some of the new features of this store include Nike branded apparel and the store will not just open for the holidays but will be available all year round for purchases.

In addition to the new store you will notice that MYS is going to be adopting a new logo. Our current jerseys and shorts are going to be discontinued shortly and it was determined that it was a good time to update the image of MYS. The current uniforms are still available but we expect that new uniforms will be required for players for the fall 2017 season. Details about the new uniforms will be announced in the spring.

If you have any questions about the logo or store please contact John Thompson at [email protected].

Thank you,
Medfield Soccer