Licenses for Coaches

 G license recommended for Grades 1 thru 3, U7-U9
 F license recommended for Grades 4 thru 8, U10-U14
 E strongly recommended for any select teams  U11 through U14

Please go to the MYSA site for a list of courses being offered in this area.

What is and who should take the 'G' course?
The G license course is the entry level course offered by Massachusetts Youth Soccer. It is geared to those coaching at the Kindergarten through 3rd grade levels.  These courses are a great way to learn youth soccer coaching theory and practical frameworks, including sample practice sessions, to help you become a more resourceful, confident coach of young players. 

Course emphasis includes: "The game is the greatest teacher."  "Economy of practices."  "Simple language and presentation."  "The key is FUN!".  When you complete the course, you will have everything you need to run successful soccer practices, regardless of your prior experience.

The G course is mandatory for all head coaches in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade levels, but the principals taught are useful for a wide range of ages.

*NEW* Online G Course

This course has been developed to create a virtual, online classroom where you can learn some great tools to help you coach youth soccer.

The need for new, qualified coaches is constant. The better trained you are, the better prepared your children will be for the future and the more rewarding your experience will be. For this reason, Mass Youth Soccer has created this terrific online training experience available anywhere using the latest in web based video and interactive media, for those who can't do the live course or prefer to get the education at their own convenience.

The course is broken into pages and chapters. Each page covers a different concept. Pages are grouped together by concept into chapters. In addition to the text, audio, and video available on pages, there are supportive documents available for download at the bottom of each page. At the end of each chapter there will be a short, multiple-choice quiz. If you are unsuccessful in completing one of the end-of-chapter quizzes you should simply continue to review the chapter material until you understand the information and then retake the quiz. At the end of the entire course you will find both your course license and the entire course manual available for you to download.

The cost of the course is $35.00, and for those Medfield residents coaching Medfield teams, Medfield Youth Soccer will reimburse you the cost of the completed course. You can submit your receipt with the printed certificate to us for reimbursement.

The material and content of the G-course, either live or on-line is outstanding, and represents great tools for new coaches. We highly recommend the live course, with the hands-on experience and fun of having your feet on the ball. But we also strongly encourage you to pursue this great learning tool if it is the best way for you to get the tools. Now, you have two great choices.

What is and who should take the 'F' course?
This 2 night course is a more ambitious introductory course for early-stage coaches or those with some experience and is designed primarily for coaches of U8, U10, or U12 teams. Our intention in the F course is to help you to become a more resourceful and confident "activity leader" - to combine your enthusiasm and commitment to kids and the game with the basic theory and practical exercises that we'll provide.  It is widely rated as one of the best and most useful of the courses taught by MYSA.

Prerequisites:  G License MANDATORY

This course will provide you with ideas about how to organize practices and game days, many games and exercises for practices, a more thorough demonstration of basic technique, elementary goalkeeping techniques, and some basic tactical ideas.

Medfield Soccer will pay the full course fee ($30 for the G and $55 for the F) for any Medfield coach who attends these courses.  

For more information, contact us at [email protected].