MYS Registration & CORI

All adults (persons age 18 and older) are required to register directly with Mass Youth Soccer.  If you have not completed the Fall 2016 – Spring 2017 Annual Registration with Mass Youth Soccer, please do so before the start of the season.

The Massachusetts Youth Soccer organization requires each coach to complete an Adult Registration every year and a CORI form every few years. The process is fairly brief but requires some work on your part. Once you compete the Adult registration you'll receive a confirmation email informing you whether updating your CORI is necessary.

With both your Registration and CORI authorization filed, you will be added to our list of Administrators and approved to coach.  If you have questions please contact Greg Mulready at [email protected] 

Before you start!  You will be required to upload a head shot photo during the Adult Registration process. Please make sure to have a photo available on the device you are using to register.