U10-U14 BAYS Soccer

U10 - U14 BAYS team schedules:

  1. Go to the BAYS website http://www.bays.org and click on Schedule (top left).
  2. Click on the gender, age, division and section of your team (if you don't know your section you can use ALL).
  3. Click on your Team name to see your season schedule.


  1. Go to the BAYS website http://www.bays.org and click on Teams by Town
  2. Pick Medfield Youth Soccer from the dropdown and choose the gender.
  3. Click on your team name to see your season schdule.

All BAYS games are to be played as scheduled. Games not played as scheduled are assigned a forfeit or double forfeit depending on the circumstances. The forfeit can be removed if the game is played within two weeks and one day of the scheduled date of play i.e. the Sunday two weeks after the game should have been played.

Please inform your director of any postponed games within 48 hours of the postponement.

Please inform your director ASAP once you have set up a makeup date. Only email them once you have set a date. Contact your director if you can not agree on a make up date and time with your opponent.