In-Town Coaching Information

Coaches’ Responsibilities

  • Call each team member and notify of team's color. 
  • Let them know shirts and socks will be handed out on the first day and to arrive ~15 mins early on that day
  • Distribute team roster with snack assignments noted before the first game.
  • Inform parents/players of times to meet and needed equipment (see above).
  • Remind parents of snack format and the week's assigned parents.
  • Tell parents/players who their Coach and Assistant Coach will be.
  • Remind parents/players that there is NO COACHING from the sidelines.
  • Distribute game schedule and field maps.

Note: We are putting more and more content on the web but please make sure at a minimum that you have contacted your parents and that they are aware of the team, schedule and responsibilities (or know where to find it on web)

Last Game
Before the last game, small prizes will be given to the coaches to award to each team member.  Please bring end-of-season snacks and return all equipment to the shed after the game.

Coaches Meeting
Mandatory meeting - August 29th at 7:30pm at The Center on Ice House Road to discuss the program guidelines, discuss coaching courses, CORI, etc. and answer any questions.  If the coach cannot attend, please ensure that an assistant attends.  Please note that more and more information is being put on the website to allow for "self-service".

Learn more/Become licensed to coach/assist
Teresa Prego will be on hand at the coaches meeting to outline upcoming licensing courses in the area.  If you have specific questions, you can e-mail him: [email protected]

Note:  Future coaches will be selected based on license level and experience.

Game Snacks
A parent is to be assigned for each game.  The parent brings a post-game snack, i.e., Popsicles, oranges, etc.  Please highlight one parent on each roster to indicate their turn to provide snack. 

Training Plans