Medfield Referee Program

Welcome to the Medfield Referee Program. All the information you need to referee in Medfield is available on the website. If you have further questions, please contact Ken Brooke at [email protected]. Medfield Youth Soccer assigns referees for the home BAYS games at the weekend in the fall and spring, as well as Medfield Grade 3 and Grade 2 games. Referees are free agents and are able to referee for any town or any program outside of Medfield too. You are encouraged to referee tournaments to improve your skills. 

Courses and Certification

Medfield does not certify referees, the state association does. Once you have fulfilled the requirements, you can referee in any program that would like to employ you. For general information on becoming a referee and to see a complete list of courses available in the area, go to Once you are certified and would like to referee in Medfield, please contact Ken Brooke.

All Referees

Please make sure your certification is up to date. At the start of every season, we will hold a mandatory meeting to go over some important items. Referees who have completed the Sunday Training program can referee BAYS games and should apply to referee in Medfield (and any other towns) on the BAYS website. Make sure you are familiar with all the documents on this website and that you keep up with soccer rule changes.

Sunday Training for New Referees

Starting in the fall of 2017, Medfield will accept referees who are in Grade 9. New referees have to take part in our Sunday Training Program. New referees can sign up to referee Grade 2 games on Sundays and will be coached by a mentor referee. New referees are expected to sign up for several weeks of training on the sign up genius on the website.

Saturday Grade 3 Games

Referees in grade 9 who have successfully completed our Sunday Training Program will be responsible for Grade 3 games and sign up on the sign up genius on the website.



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