U9 Limited Travel Program

Welcome all players, coaches and parents to Medfield Youth Soccer U9 'Limited Travel' Program!

U9 is the transition year into travel soccer. The U9 teams play a modified travel schedule, traveling to nearby towns for away games, hosting those same towns for home games, and also continuing to play some games vs. other MYS U9 teams. Games are typically played on Saturdays in both the Fall and Spring seasons, with times varying as fields are available in the towns involved. See the link at the bottom of the page for the schedule (normally finalized a week or two before the season is scheduled to begin). Usually, we try to schedule intramural games (Medfield vs Medfield) for the first couple of weekends to ease everyone into the program.

View the Fall 2019 Schedule 

Modified Format for Learning

  • U9 soccer games are played on a standard field with 7 players, including a goal keeper, on each team. The games will be refereed and all general soccer rules, except off sides, will be in effect. In addition, MYS has some special rules for U9 soccer, intended to focus on player education;
  • Re-takes of throw-ins, goal kicks, free kicks and re-starts are allowed after the referee has explained (or demonstrated) the infraction.
  • If a team goes ahead by 4 goals, the other team adds a player until the margin is reduced to 2 goals.
  • There are no direct free kicks. Indirect free kicks require the attacking team to make at least one pass before shooting at goal, following a foul.
  • On goal kicks, the defending team is to retreat into their own half (toprovide the team with taking the goal kick the opportunity to clear the ball) until the ball is played out of the penalty area. This is a new rule that is being promoted at the U10 age group too, to encourge teams to pass the ball out of their own defensive end of the field.

Players should wear cleats and shin guards under their socks for all games and practice sessions, and bring water bottles (refillable water bottles are recommended.)

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of youth soccer to all who are involved in the program there are rules that must be adhered to during all MYS games, practices and tournaments:

  • Coaches are ultimately responsible for overseeing that rules and policies are adhered to.
  • Coaches and players will occupy one side of the field and parents and spectators will occupy the opposite side. Only officially sanctioned head coaches and up to two sanctioned assistant coaches (maximum of 3 adults) may be with the players.
  • Parents and spectators should not be coaching in any manner from the sidelines or behind the goals.
  • No jewelry may be worn, particularly earrings which must be removed (not covered.)
  • No one (players, siblings, spectators) should climb on soccer goals or any other sports equipment stored near playing or practice fields.
  • MYS is bound by and supports the BAYS Zero Tolerance Policy code of conduct.
  • Please check the website each week BEFORE heading to the fields for weather or field updates.

View the Fall 2019 Schedule