All travel players in the town will be required to purchase the new uniforms.  We have done as much as possible to keep the cost down while providing a quality uniform for the teams.  We will be using We Got Soccer in Foxboro as our uniform supplier which will enable us to offer online ordering.  

Find Your Player's Assigned Jersey #   >>   Order Online   >>  Ship it or Pick it up

Here are some important additional details regarding the new process:

  1. Orders must be submitted online
  2. Uniform samples are available for sizing at We Got Soccer at any time.
  3. All players were randomly assigned a number.  Click here to view the assigned uniform numbers for each player. There will be no special number requests allowed. The number issued to the player must be entered at the time of ordering.  Any jerseys ordered with an incorrect number will not be able to be returned to We Got Soccer.
  4. The new uniforms are made by Nike and the color scheme is moving back inline with the old color scheme used in town (baby blue shirts).
  5. As part of our partnership with We Got Soccer all families will be automatically enrolled in the We Got Soccer rewards program which allows users to get 10% off of all purchases, and 5% cash back for future purchases.
  6. The cost of the uniform will be $49.00, but will cost members $44.10 after the 10% rewards member discount plus $7.99 for shipping.  There will be an option to pick the uniform up at the store in Foxboro when the order is complete to avoid the cost of shipping.
  7. Uniforms will be shipped to players between 2-3 weeks after the order has been placed on the website pending any backorders.
  8. Due to the online nature of the ordering process uniforms will not be able to be purchased at the store or at the last minute.   MYS will keep some inventory on hand for new players in town or emergencies.

If you have any questions please contact Karen Seitz - [email protected]