CORI Information Form

Mass Youth Soccer is overhauling the process for checking the background of all individuals who want to be youth soccer coaches in Massachusetts. In the past, coaches were asked to fill out an on-line CORI Information Form. This form is no longer being used. Here is a step by step procedure that you, your youth soccer organization and Mass youth Soccer need to follow:
STEP 1. The Registrar and the CORI Submitter of your youth soccer organization or association will collect your profile information (first name, last name, date of birth and email address). It is critical that you give the Registrar and/or CORI Submitter of your organization your correct and current email address.

STEP 2. Once they have collected the information, they will send it in to Mass Youth Soccer.

STEP 3. Mass Youth Soccer will create a profile for you in our new automation platform. Our automation platform is called "Korrio".

STEP 4. Once we create your Korrio profile, we will alert you by email that your profile is up and running and you will receive instructions on how to log into Korrio to look at your profile.

STEP 5. You will then log in to Korrio to make sure all of your profile information is correct.

STEP 6. Once you have determined that all of your profile information is correct, you will need to sign our new Background Check Authorization Form. This form will give Mass Youth Soccer permission to run a background check on you and permission to view the results of that check.

If you have any questions you may contact Medfield Youth Soccer or Kate Murphy at Mass Youth Soccer (